THRIVE Cross-Site Evaluation Data Codebook (12.4.2018)


THRIVE (Targeted Highly-Effective Interventions to Reverse the HIV Epidemic) is a Secretary’s Minority AIDS Initiative Fund (SMAIF) 4 year demonstration project funding 7 health departments to collaborate with CBOs; healthcare clinics and providers; behavioral health providers; and social services providers to develop comprehensive models of prevention, care, behavioral health, and social services for MSM of color living with or at risk for HIV. This data codebook was developed to guide grantees in the reporting of client-level and program-level data for the THRIVE Cross-site Evaluation. The information collected will be used to track and document the overall performance of the project. It is important that the Epidemiology Branch (EB) and the Program Evaluation Branch (PEB) have complete and accurate data. Each grantee should develop data quality checks and procedures for ensuring the quality of the data. The Table of Content references both the Cross-Site Evaluation List of Indicators approved by the Office and Management and Budget (OMB), as well as the page that an indicator can be found in this codebook.

OMB Control Number (0920-1178) and OMB Approval Expiration Date (4/30/2020)

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