LGBT Statistics: Having one gay friend makes you a better person

Having just one gay or lesbian friend makes you more likely to be supportive of same-sex marriage, according to research into LGBT statistics published at Pennsylvania State University. This article explores the nuances and societial benefits of having a “gay” friend.

Housing Instability Risk

This presentation examines the correlation between behavioral health and housing instability. The presenters explore the process of effectively assessing one’s risk for housing instability and the circumstances that contributes to one’s lived experience.

Enlisting Effective Recruiters for HIV Testing Services

This PowerPoint Presentation highlights how to leverage the power of word of mouth to identify new infections. It draws upon the CDC-supported Social Network Strategy (SNS) Training which is meant to help organizations maximize existing social, sexual, and drug-use networks to recruit for HIV testing. The presentation focuses on the enlistment of recruiters phase of the SNS strategy and includes an activity to present challenges and solutions for implementation. Familiarity with SNS is helpful for participants follow the discussion but is not required for participation.

PrEP Campaign: Love Your Brotha

How do you do it in the city of Brotherly love? Condoms and PrEP work to keep you from getting STDs and HIV. PrEP can prevent you from getting HIV when taken daily. Let’s do more to keep each other healthy. Let’s do it with condoms and PrEP.

New York City HIV Status Neutral Prevention and Treatment Cycle

The NYC Health Department has developed the New York City HIV Status Neutral Prevention and Treatment Cycle to highlight several key messages that are not included in the traditional HIV care continuum. This new paradigm outlines the steps that can lead to an undetectable viral load (when HIV medications work and you have so little HIV in your blood that tests cannot detect it) and steps for effective HIV prevention (such as using condoms and taking Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis, also known as PrEP).

We need to talk about ‘top privilege’

This article examines the concept of “privilege” associated with being a top – A top is usually a person who penetrates their partner during sexual intercourse. The author artfully draws a correlation between sexual preference, position and stigma among Men who have Sex with Men (MSM).

The GAME Changer Project, Birmingham, AL — Facebook page


The Game Changer Project is dedicated to building a safe, healthy and supportive community for LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bi, transgender, questioning) of the Greater-Birmingham, AL area through education, awareness, prevention and social efforts.

The Game Changer Project is a partnership among AIDS Alabama, Birmingham AIDS Outreach and Aletheia House – in collaboration with UAB/CFAR, Magic City Wellness Center, 1917 Clinic, Jefferson County Health Department, Alabama Department of Public Health.