HIV Testing 101

General infographic-driven fact sheet about HIV testing. Geared to high-risk individuals considering getting tested.

Effective Interventions

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s High Impact HIV/AIDS Prevention Project (HIP).

Updated PEP Guidelines for Nonoccupational Exposure – 2016

This document details the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s “Updated Guidelines for Antiretroviral Postexposure Prophylaxis After Sexual, Injection Drug Use, or Other Nonoccupational Exposure to HIV—United States, 2016.”

HIV Care Continuum

This resource describes the HIV care continuum, which consists of several steps required to achieve a suppressed viral load in the blood: linkage to and engagement in clinical care and taking HIV medications.

PrEP Fact Sheet

This fact sheet provides a more in-depth overview of PrEP and how it protects persons at risk for HIV.